Mobile Web Appplications Development with HTML5

Lab 4: Learn Backbone.js

Claudio Riva

Aalto University - Fall 2012

Learn Backbone.js the Hard Way

Overview of the challenge (10min)

Group exercise (1:30)

Feedback at 11:45 (15min)

The Challenge
    Build a webapp using Backbone.js
    Try to complete the 7 tasks
    Commit the code to your team's GitHub repo
    Win the challenge
    Next week we'll look at the results
Personal Time Tracker
  • 3 Use cases
    1. Add/remove tasks (e.g. work, lunch, sleep)
    2. Start/stop tracking time on a task
    3. Report about total/average time per task
  • Offline Web App (manifest + localStorage)
  • Delivered through a web server or just as a set of files
  • Possibility to save the data to a server
  1. Design of MVC-based app (paper)
  2. Skeleton of the offline web app (manifest file)
  3. Implementation of the JS models
  4. Web app with UI but no functionality
  5. Web app with UI with functionality
  6. Data persistence of models to localStorage
  7. Data persistence of models to server
Publish to GitHub

Publish the design and code to your GitHub account

Create a new dir/repo called "PersonalTimeTracker"

Last commit is at 8pm.