Mobile Web Appplications Development with HTML5

Lab 1: Assignment Kick-Off

Claudio Riva

Aalto University March 2012

Assignment Kick-Off

Overview of the assignment (Claudio)

GitHub (Kimmo)

Teams (Håkan)

Dev Environment (Antti)

Course Examples (Claudio)

Assignment: Goals
  • Build a mobile web application with the following criteria:
    • Using at least one of the HTML5 key API (e.g. canvas, local data storage, sockets)
    • Using at least one mobile device feature (e.g. GPS, camera, sensors, media)
    • Using some client/server communication (e.g. REST)
  • Complete freedom to choose the topic of the web app
  • Mimic a real-life assignment
Assignment: Team
  • Work as a team
  • Nominate a team leader (to be the contact person)
  • Weekly status report in GitHub (deadline is Sunday night)
Assignment: Proposal
  • Name of the team
  • Team leader
  • List of GitHub accounts
  • Description of the web app
  • Key use cases
  • List of client/server technologies
  • Target devices
  • How it fulfills the 3 assignment criteria
  • Max 1 page

Send the proposal to Håkan by 19 March 2012

Assignment: Schedule
  • 12 March : Kick-off
  • 19 March : Proposal ready
  • 23 April : Mid-term review
  • 15 & 22 May : Final review (demo day)
Evaluation Criteria
  • Number of implemented use cases
  • Usability of the application (e.g. touch interactions)
  • Application design and code style
  • Extra credits for a PhoneGap version that runs on other devices than the primary target devices
Recap of next steps
  1. You setup the GitHub accounts
  2. You send the proposal to Håkan before 19 March
  3. We send the confirmation the proposal has been accepted
  4. We send the GitHub repository that you will use
  5. You publish the weekly status updates on GitHub
  6. You show the results at the demo day